This website was created pretty much as a new, but more authentic than ever, version of myself manifested. Over the years and more recently, the last few weeks - I have really come into a space of being completely unapologetic. I’ve outgrown the box of the old version of Sarah who made her life choices based off of what would benefit or be more convenient for everyone else. The version of myself that was quiet, never spoke up herself and was a people pleaser to an unhealthy extent. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE people, my friends, my family, HUMANITY as a whole-and I will do any and everything I can for even strangers, but what I learned is that I can do that without sacrificing my own sanity, mental health, happiness and more. It comes down to breaking down walls, redefining my own story and creating boundaries. For a long time, and I mean a long time, I felt like my thoughts, my opinions, my wants, dreams, my art and self expression was told to be quiet by many people and by the own voice in my head. I am more proud of the person I am today than I have ever been before - and that’s how this space was created. This is my space to express myself both in my blog (that is really like a diary because of how transparent and personal it will be), my poetry graphics in the form of a gallery, and who knows what’s next. I am excited to share this space space with you, even though it still scares the shit out of me, in hopes that it will inspire you to always speak your mind, feel the feelings, dream the dreams and just be authentically YOU. Cheers to becoming unfiltered.